Tell Cristina what you have in mind for the painting and be as creative as you want to. The more details about it, the better. Feel free to contact her in English, Spanish, German or French.

You can expect an answer within 48 hours. 

The choice of theme will help Cristina pick the perspective from which to tell your story. Under "Paintings" you will find examples of (almost) each series. Look next to each painting for the series name.
Brief description of the subject/theme of the painting. Any further information (desired delivery date, if it is a present, availability of pictures of the subject,...) is welcomed.
Name *
Preferred delivery date
Preferred delivery date
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  1. Get your delivery date. Get Cristina to assign you a delivery date and delivery method based on your selected information. 
  2. Accept the assigned date. This does not mean you accept the final painting.
  3. Preview of the finished work. A few days before the agreed deadline you'll be able to see and accept or not the finished painting.
  4. Accept or not the finished work. Acceptance of the painting must be communicated by email the latest within two days after the finishing deadline. 
  5. Payment. Once the painting has been accepted by email the customer has 10 days to make the payment by bank wire.
  6. The Delivery. The delivery will be done only upon arrival of the payment and by the method stated on point 1.

Time estimation

Generally, the painting can be ready in a maximum of three weeks, depending on the type and the size of the painting.  The delivery method depends on the delivery location.



Please, contact Cristina if you have any questions.